Unveiling Mercy

2 - 4 Weken

Unveiling Mercy will do just that-unveil how the mercy of God in the Messiah is spoken of from the very opening Hebrew word of the Bible, all the way to the closing chapter of Malachi. By the end of the year, you will have entered the Old Testament through 365 new doorways, looked with fresh eyes at old verses, and traced a web of connections all over the Scriptures that you've never spotted before. You'll begin to see what one person meant when he described Hebrew words as "hyphens between heaven and earth."

Reading the Bible in translation can be like "kissing the bride through the veil." Each of these 365 devotions is crafted so as to lift that veil ever so slightly, to touch skin to skin, as it were, with the original language. You do not need to know anything about Hebrew to profit from these meditations. They are not written to teach you the language of Abraham, Moses, and Isaiah, but to give you a taste of their insights, to expose you to their eloquence, to laugh with them at their winking wordplays, to un-English their idioms, and-most importantly-to trace their trajectories all the way into the preaching of the Messiah and the writings of his evangelists and apostles.

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  • : Chad Bird
  • : 1517 Publishing
  • : 9781948969390
  • : Engels
  • : Hardcover
  • : 380
  • : november 2020
  • : 712
  • : 229 x 152 x 25 mm.
  • : Christelijk leven en gewoontes; Devotioneel materiaal