Warden Force

2 - 4 Weken

A collection of 12 award-winning short stories concerning the true adventures of Game Wardens and the wildlife-destroying outlaws they pursue. Delta Ghosts - A team of wardens ambush outlaw gillnetters at Grizzly Bay, in the same Delta waters patrolled 80 years earlier by Fish Patrol Warden and famous writer, Taylor London . Smooth Operator - Wardens stalk a cagy and arrogant abalone-poaching commercial sea urchin diver. Time Bomb - A dangerous and mentally unstable deer poacher proves highly troubling for pursuing wardens. Cheaters - An inexperienced warden consults an old pro of his profession to capture a pair of super-wary striped bass snaggers. Tigers Revenge - A cocky and confident salmon poacher makes the mistake of "pulling the tail of the tiger," that is, taunting a local game warden. A Calculated Risk - Despite a comedy of errors, wardens close in on highly destructive pig poachers. Killer John - Future serial killer? Wardens deal with a scary deer poacher and born killer. New Talent - A new warden astounds a mentor with his almost super-human sensory skills. Slow Learners - A once major league pitcher proves to be a highly interesting adversary for wardens. Davie Crockett and the Bush Baby - A Hollywood stunt man and elk poacher tangles with border wardens. Then Came Speedy - A Peruvian sheepherder and a small sheepdog pay dearly to save their sheep from marauding bears in high meadows of the Sierra Nevada range. Lethal Intent - Would-be assassins are thwarted by a fearless warden who puts his life on the line for the intended victims.

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  • : Terry Hodges
  • : Tharen Hodges
  • : 9781629671024
  • : Engels
  • : Paperback
  • : 178
  • : april 2016
  • : 268
  • : 229 x 152 x 10 mm.
  • : Warden Force
  • : True crime