What Every Horse Should Know
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Essential Equine Lessons

Every horse should receive a basic education that prepares him to live safely and confidently in the company of humans, and it begins with easing common equine fears. Noted horsewoman Cherry Hill explains how to help a horse overcome wariness of human touch and restraint, develop trust in a rider or handler, and learn respect and patience. When a horse no longer surprised or frightened of people, procedures, and things, he has mastered his ABC's and is ready to learn to work calmly and willingly with a human partner.

These lessons will result in a solid, honest horse who is:
  • Respectful and attentive
  • Responsive yet controlled
  • Confident and curious
  • Comfortable with routine procedures
  • Calm during the unexpected
  • Easy to catch and willing to work
  • Quiet at a hitch rail, in cross-ties, and alongside other horses
  • Patient and level-headed when mounted
  • Free of separation anxiety
  • Supple, steady, and balanced in motion

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