What the Bible Says to the Business Leader

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How To See Your Business As Your Ministry What does God expect of you in business? And how do you honor Him daily in all you do? What the Bible Says to the Business Leader offers practical, scriptural values for conducting business in a 21st-century world. Topics include: • Succeeding personally and professionally • Ensuring excellent financial management • Cultivating excellent employees • Overcoming problems and difficult situations • Your responsibility to your local community • You and your family • And more than 900 other topics. . . "Imagine listening in on the best coach you've ever heard. The coach is explaining how business-and more of life-should be managed to honor God in all ways. That's how this book served me. It is a go-to reference book for any who desire to do life according to The Book." Robert C. Andringa, PhD. President Emeritus Council for Christian Colleges & Universities "This book shows people that being in business is one thing, but if you want to be in business and have it be something meaningful in your life-it's not what you've accomplished but what you've allowed God to do through you." Gary Yerbey, President Yerbey Concrete Construction Chattanooga, TN

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