Rock & Roll Circus

Op werkdagen voor 16.00 uur besteld, volgende dag in huis

The Stones were off the road for nearly two years when they decided to do this film showcase in December of 1968, and then promptly shelved it. As it turns out, they get some competition in their own 1968 showcase from the Who, Taj Mahal and John Lennon. The movie looks like it was shot for television (which it was), so the color isn't what one would hope for; and as a feature it recalls Renoir's The Little Theater of Jean Renoir (another circus-based showcase, done around the same time), except this has rock & roll in it.

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    Prologue - Rock & Roll Circus - The Rolling Stones
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    Original Version - The Rolling Stones
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    Original Version - The Rolling Stones
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    Original Version - The Rolling Stones