The Gods We Can Touch

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"Het eerste album in bijna drie jaar tijd van deze Noorse singer-songwriter en producer bekend van o.a. Runaway en Into the Unknown (Frozen II soundtrack). Aurora over het album: "" The spiritual door between the human and the gods is a very complicated thing. In the right hands faith can become the most beautiful thing. Nurturing and warm. And in the wrong hands it can become a beacon of war and death. One thing that have always bothered me, is the idea that we're born unworthy having to redeem ourselves worthy by suppressing the forces within us that makes us human. Not perfect, not flawless, just human. Could we find this Divine power in ourselves, while still being attached and seduced to the wonders of the world. The flesh, the fruit and the wine. I think that is what intrigues me about the Greek gods. The gods of the ancient world. Perfectly imperfect. Almost within our reach. Like gods we can touch."""

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    The Forbidden Fruits Of EdenAurora
  • 2
    Everything MattersAurora
  • 3
    Giving In To The LoveAurora
  • 4
    Cure For MeAurora

  • : Aurora
  • : Decca Records
  • : 0602435739083
  • : CD
  • : januari 2022
  • : 53
  • : 142 x 124 x 4 mm.
  • : 1
  • : 50 min.
  • : Stereo